Welcome to kissedfrog.com - unique, original, handmade, handpainted ceramics & furniture
handmade hadnd-painted pots, pltes, jugs, bowls and teapots
KissedFrog Pottery,  East Fold,  Barbriggs Lane,  Dringhoe,  East Yorkshire YO25 8AH
Office hours:     10am - 4 pm   Tuesday to Sunday - every day except Monday !
email: hello@kissedfrog.com              phone 07799 333794 

handmade, hand-painted,  individual, unique pottery. plates, cups, mugs, jugs, teapots, plates, tiles, splashbacks, murals, ceramic decorations,of all kinds made in our pottery in  dringhoe, yorkshire by kathleen hepworth and david york artists and potters.

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